Jazz guitar?

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What are some songs or artists you would recomend that have a strong jazz guitar? I’m the pianist in a jazz band, and our new guitar player is at a loss for rhythmical things to do while comping behind the band.

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One Response to “Jazz guitar?”

  1. www.american-guitarist.com Says:


    Good question. You’re gonna get alot of suggestions here. I’ll try to suggest a few that have not been mentioned already:

    Django Reinhardt – Truly Insiring (learn his story too, what he did with two fingers would humble most guitarists out there)

    Grant Green – A Nice alternative to standard jazz. Perfect if you like to put a little "Go Go" in your playing. Cool Stuff, greatfor jamming.

    Tal Farlow – One of the greats

    Charlie Christian – Another timeless player

    George Van Eps – Much overlooked

    Jim Hall – Also, very underrated.

    Joe Pass – Great for real-book type of stuff.

    John Mclaughlin – Cool Stuff, check out "Mahavishnu Orchestra"

    Kenny Burrell – Check out his stuff on Verve records. Great stuff.

    Larry Carlton – Really did cool stuff with fusion.

    Lee Ritenour – Also, did really did cool stuff with fusion, and played on alot of records you ,may have have listened to.

    Pat Martino – Also great if you want to learn alot of stuff in the real book.

    Kevin Chisholm – American Guitarist